Get Free Mobile Data With Alipay

OK, so this is something that almost every Chinese person knows about but many foreigners are still unaware of. So we want to share this nifty little money saver for those still in the dark.

Alipay has many cool little features but this is one of our favorites. Every time you spend money with Alipay (Official payment – not transfer) you will get 10MB of free mobile data!

To use this feature simply go into the ‘Alipay Apps’ by clicking ‘more’ on your Alipay homepage and click on ‘Ant Sim’. This will show you how many megabytes of data you have collected, once you get to 100MB you can withdraw. You can collect up to 120MB per month with a basic account.

Ant Sim

This isn’t going to be a massive money saver but it can defiantly make your monthly package go further, and it’s a lifesaver if you’re getting short on data towards the end of the month.

Note: This works with China Unicom, China Telecom and China Mobile. The data will be instantly added to your sim card after withdrawing.

Post by Cheaper Chengdu Team

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