Alipay vs WeChat

Aliypay and WeChat Pay both enable you to pay for just about anything in just about every shop, restaurant and website in bigger Chinese cities such as Chengdu, and increasingly in smaller rural areas as well.

A Brief Introduction

Aliypay was launched in China in 2004 and is owned by Alibaba Group. It now has the biggest market share of online payments in China. WeChat is newer to the market but still been around since 2011 and has caught up with Alipay due to it’s customers already having the app installed on there phone for messaging

Which is The Better App?

Both apps have there ups and downs and it’s mainly down to the individual user preference. Alipay was born from an app designed to ‘sell things’, so in terms of buying things Alipay is probably better suited. Whereas Wechat pay was born form a messaging app so naturally the social aspect is better on WeChat pay and you will find you already have all your friends in your WeChat Contacts, so for paying friends WeChat has become the go-to

Despite this both apps have evolved to become more and more like each other so here is a break down of the features we prefer on each one:

Paying Venders Tied – Scan QR or Payment Code
Paying Online Tied – Almost the same
Paying Friends WeChat – Better Integrated Chat
Red Packets WeChat – Better Integrated Chat
Mini Programs/Apps Alipay – More Selection
Mobile Top-Up WeChat – Cheaper
Free Mobile Date Alipay – Get 100MB for every 10 purchases*
Free Withdrawal Alipay – 20000 vs WeChat’s 10000
Offers Alipay – Connected to Taobao

*10 purchases cannot be transfers (many smaller shops use transfers)

Download Alipay:

Android   Apple   QQ   Baidu

Download WeChat:

Android   Apple   QQ   Baidu

Direct Download (APK)

Post by Cheaper Chengdu Team

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