What Does Ofo Have to Offer?

Ofo is another bike sharing app which has a fleet of distinctive yellow bikes scattered around Chengdu – and most other major Chinese cities.

How to use ofo…

Once you’ve downloaded the app you will be prompted to create an account and pay your deposit through Alipay or WeChat – if you don’t use Alipay or WeChat get a Chinese friend to help you. To confirm your identity you will need to enter a Chinese ID or click the option to enter your passport details- and upload a selfie with your passport.

Once your account has been verified and you’ve toped up you’ll be good to go. Enter the bike number of the bike or scan the QR code and you will be sent the unlock code for that bike, you then have to use that code to unlock the bike. When you’ve finished the ride, lock the bike and confirm you have locked it with the app.

The Hack – Use again and again!

The ofo bike system does not have automatic unlocking, therefor to unlock the bike you have to manually input a 4 digit code, this code does change bike-to-bike however each bike always has the same code so if you know the code there’s no need to pay, although you can’t always guarantee getting the same bike every time if you plan to go on a longer trip there is no need to pay for more than 1 hour – just end the trip early and unlock it again for free. Or if you park it somewhere nobody else can get to it (I do not support this in anyway and it is against ofo’s rules) you can simply remember the code and use it again and again.

Alternatively you could just spend hours trying to crack the code 😉

Image result for ofo

Download ofo:

Apple   QQ   Baidu

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