Make Money with Mobike!

Mobike is a bike sharing app and anyone who lives in a city with the service, like Chengdu, will have seen the orange bikes on every street corner.

How to use Mobike

Once you’ve downloaded the app you will be prompted to create an account and pay your deposit through Alipay or WeChat – if you don’t use Alipay or WeChat get a Chinese friend to help you. you will also have to confirm your identity with your passport (or Chinese ID) .

Once your account has been verified and you’ve toped up your balance you will be able to scan the QR code on any bike and the bike will instantly unlock. when you’ve finished riding just manually lock the bike and your trip will be deducted from your account balance

The Hack – Red Packets!

Mobike Red PacketEvery day many bikes will have a ‘red packet’ inside, which basically means you can ride the bike for free up to 2 hours and….. you will get money for riding the bike! Yes you read that right, mobike will give you between 1元 and 100元 (sometimes more on special occasions) as long as you ride the bike for more than 10 mins. You can find out which bikes have a red packet by searching on the in-app map. After you have at least 10元 in your red packet balance you can withdraw straight to your Alipay or WeChat account!

Personally I have almost made back as much at the original deposit!

Download Mobike:

Apple   QQ   Baidu

Direct Download (APK)

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