Is My Money Real?

We have had a few queries from newcomers to Chengdu who are concerned after hearing horror stories about people losing a lot of money by being given fake money. Here's a quick guide about how you can avoid this happening to you...

Get Free Mobile Data With Alipay

Ok, so this is something that almost every Chinese person knows about but many foreigners are still unaware of. So we want to share this nifty little money saver for those still in the dark.

Take Your Money Back Home for Free – Bank of Chengdu (成都银行)

It is approaching that time of year when many foreigners are nearing the end of their year long contract in China and are looking forward to a well deserved break. Whether you are heading back home or to another country to continue an international adventure, we all know that trying to convert large amounts of money to another currency can be a nightmare! Hopefully we can shed some light on one of the easiest and cheapest ways to do so...

Biggest Scams in Chengdu (China)

Luckily Chengdu is a very safe city when compared to the likes of Beijing or Shanghai but of course, like almost anywhere else it is essential to be aware of what could happen if you're no to careful. (The scams - and how to avoid them)

Alipay vs WeChat

Aliypay and WeChat Pay both enable you to pay for just about anything in just about every shop, restaurant and website in bigger Chinese cities such as Chengdu, and increasingly in smaller rural areas as well. Which one is better?

Best Free Apps for Learning Chinese

Learning Chinese is not easy, especially as the locals tend to shout a lot and speak very fast with different dialects. Many people go to a country and assume they will magically pick it up. However learning a language past a certain level does require hard work (hard work does not mean boring work)

Visiting the Pandas!

Pandas are a part of everyday life in Chengdu, form the constant shops full of panda merchandise to the panda theme metro line 3, they simply can't be avoided. But where can you find one?

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